Sometimes…I need to still the words flying about my head. Sometimes I need to give them no avenue of expression. I need to keep them in, ask God to utterly destroy all remnant of  the thoughts that carried them. Sometimes, I struggle here  a bit.

Sometimes…I need to express…to force out words. Sometimes they must be said.

Today was one of those “speak” days. Three times, there were things to say..to bring encouragement and confirmation and maybe to bring a perspective that was somewhat veiled. I so love those moments when God lets me echo His heart. It is a huge privilege and a great joy.

Sometimes, we all need God to say through another person those things that we think we hear Him saying  to us. And sometimes we need another to confirm the things that we don’t believe God really would say to us, especially the good things.

Many times people have been faithful to share something with me that I so needed to hear. The words they faithfully shared probably saved me time and energy and harm. I can remember those words so clearly. They weren’t always formal declarations or beautifully or poetically relayed. They weren’t always happy, happy. Sometimes they stung more than their deliverer ever knew.

But they were faithful words.

Today, I got to share a few faithful words. Confirmation really…of something long known by the ones with whom I shared. They were needed words, deeply desired words.

Today, I got to hear some needed words…challenging and yet freeing. The words were spoken out of a great love, a love willing to risk.

All around, it was a very good day.



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2 responses to “Speak

  1. That is a great feeling when someone tells you something that you really needed to hear, especially from a biblical standpoint.
    It does just seems like it is a message from God, and yes it is very freeing like you said.

    Ecclesiastes 3:7b says, “A time to be silent and a time to speak.”
    I think that those silent times are when we need to listen closely, for God’s voice is going to come, like in your situation when it seemed like someone else’s words were a message from God. I have realized in my life that sometimes I need to just free my mind and listen, for needed words will come.

    I like how you said, “when God lets me echo His heart.” Those moments, it is like we are a messenger in a way, an instrument of God’s heart, and resonating what He is speaking, and we know that those words we say come from God.

    I guess we just have to determine the times when we need to speak up, or to be silent and listen, and the way of clarifying which one to act upon is through prayer.

    Very good blog, it make me think alot, which I needed.

    • You are such a thought-full young woman. You write with great clarity and insight. You must, must keep writing with me. There is a huge deposit in you that must be mined for the benefit of the Kingdom. You are one of those young people that gives me hope and a sense of excitement about coming to school everyday. I am praying for you…especially in this season that you may stride confidently into all the things God has for you and for you to do in Him.

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