a sea of blue…

Tomorrow we are doing this “Servolution” thing at Kingwood Church. We are just going to go out en masse and be kind and do caring things for people, because that’s what the church does…in this earth…the kind and caring thing.

Honestly, I don’t think anyone knew what kind of turn-out that we would have, in February, to go out ( usually outside) and just help or encourage folks. Helping is something that our minds may relate to sourly. It often requires hard work, sacrifice, maybe being a little uncomfortable in a setting that we do not completely control. But helping almost always ends up tasting sweet. Helping is good and good for us and even makes us feel good.

God made us to help…Adam to help Him, Eve to help Adam ( that is not a hierachial statement but a ontological one) and many sons and daughters after to help their parents and brothers and sisters to come.

I have a student or two that the only way I have gotten a glimpse into the real of the child, who they genuinely are made to be, is to ask them to help me and help others. It’s like this magic key…just a turn…and the helper…relaxes into my help as the teacher/mentor. Helping helps make us okay enough to be helped, to drop barricades of fear and resistance that wall in our insecurity. So helping helps us be made more able to help.

I think the leaders at church were expecting two, maybe three hundred folks to sign up/show up tomorrow. That’s a pretty good percentage, 10-20%, no matter how you calculate it. Last count, Wednesday night, there were 625 signed up. I hope we ordered enough t-shirts. If so, there is going to be a sea of blue flowing out into Alabaster, Alabama.

What does that tell us about our need to help, our hunger to help? It tells me a lot. I’m willing to bet that extras show up and stay; free, cool t-shirt or no free, cool t-shirt.

I think we as a culture feel bad way too often because we spend too little time and energy helping. But helping helps. It just plain helps.


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  1. I’m so excited! I love the “sea of blue!” 😀

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