brotherly kindness…

I think my son and his friend  saw the power of brotherly kindness tonight: the power it has to protect and preserve their sisters in the Lord from settling for less.

We had this enlightening moment. Another Mama and I had been talking with them. My son is very blessed to have incredible young women in his life who tolerate his boyish annoyance and who love him back. He and Jesse had this conversation in my car coming home. “You know,” they began, “Our brotherly love kind of keeps the creeps from getting to them doesn’t it?”

“Yeah,” I said.

“It sort of fills in the places of doubt and the weak places for girls, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, that’s exactly what the brotherly protection Pastor Jeremy was talking about does,” I explained.

“They know we love them too much to try to date them don’t they?”

“Yeah, they do. They know you would never want to mess up anything that God is going to do.”

“God is going to send them awesome husbands, isn’t He?”

“Yes, He is.”  Yes... I whispered under my breath again, very awesome men like you.



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2 responses to “brotherly kindness…

  1. Sara

    I love them so much and you!

  2. I’m glad that their are guys like them!!!

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