What if…

As I get older…and I certainly qualify as older…I am learning more and more about what I don’t know. I have already swung the pendulum of “my” views on a myriad of non-salvific subjects…I think such is healthy…truth is held in flux. God is truth and the Word gives us the image that He is always in motion, moving about the earth. And truth is found in tension – the pull of opposing forces. Truth is not static!

I feel some coming counter swings..some “about faces”…I feel as if I am on a playground swing and have reached that point where the momentum of the force upward is slowing and my inner man can feel the shift about to come, the shift to reversal of the momentum. It’s a cool place, that moment of free float: suspension, temporary weightlessness.

Sometimes those swings bring one into sync with the perspective of one near us. But that is rare. Have you ever tried to swing in time with a friend?…It is hard to do so for even one rotation, much less hold the synchronicity.

So… I have to be okay with that divergence of perspective…it is okay…to be seeing from different angles… remembering that  soon…I will be seeing from another as well.


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