Miss Minnie (King)…

There are some people who you just love…you can’t even help yourself. Miss Minnie is that kind of lady. She has kept the nursery at Young Harris UMC since I was an arm baby. Miss Minnie kept the babies…the little ones. She had this rocker, she would reach out and take any baby from her Mama’s arms and have that youngun asleep in no time. She told me one time when I was older and I had snuck in to see her…I liked just being around her when I got in those awful middle grade years, “The babies know that their fussing don’t worry me none. So they relax… and they goes to sleep.” I felt just like those babies around Miss Minnie. Miss Minnie had a son she was real proud of, Horace. He went to college at UGA and played professional football for the Detroit Lions. I asked her about him all the time; I liked football a lot for a girl. When Laura married, Miss Minnie came to my Mama’s house and kept my babies…I think her being there calmed my Mama as much as my babes. When my Nana died, Miss Minnie planned to come see Miss Sara off. But she also offered, “Laura has that little one still, if you would like I’ll keeps him, in the nursery.” I think that she was the only person in the world that Laura would have handed him over to that day. The more I purpose to remember all the kind, loving people who spoke and acted love before me, the more aware of I am of my wealth. I could write these things for days and never run out of subjects, of individuals who loved me well. Some children have a parent who pushes, requires some kind of performance. I did not. I did, however, have something greater propelling me to be and do more…A great cloud, a sea of people… that showed me the way…to be someone…not rich, nor famous…but remembered.


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