Metaphor – day 1 prayer experiment

The Bunyan imagery well represents our position in the spirit. We are far more powerful in prayer than we may perceive.

Another metaphor that has been helpful to me: I like the idea of a clap: an impact. The heavens declare… let the earth resound. Perhaps it is the agreement of God and man that brings change to the Earth. We are restored in the new Adam, to our place as Adam – president. And in such, I believe that our voice and agreement is made significant.

There are times when prayer seems less than effective, particularly when I am asking for something or someone outside of myself. But, even in such scenarios, I find myself changed in the understanding of my own heart if not the heart of the other person. And many times God will show me a portion of what He is doing, altering in the processes seen and unseen.

Praying has become so much more about watching for me: listening, hearing, trusting, and understanding what my role is and what is God’s role. I am to listen and speak. God speaks, waits to hear His echo and then moves.



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2 responses to “Metaphor – day 1 prayer experiment

  1. I like the idea of a clap.. Because when one person claps more people join in until it’s a sea of hands making one unified sound.. Kind of like a God sound… And when say the edge kids pray together… It’s like we are making an impact.. Idk if what i’m writing is making sense..ha… Good post!

  2. Sara

    there’s a memory that I go back to every time I read one of your blogs- I see myself on your trampoline on that friday night where we got the blankets and all the girls and trent and jesse cuddled up together and the whole time i was thinking “this is a dream, there’s no way Im this blessed” and I shared how happy I was to know you guys… I’m still happy to know you guys, I wish I could go back to that memory and lay between you and trent and just stay there forever, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so protected in my life and so comfortable. I feel so happy right now thinking about the feelings I had, I can’t stop smiling.

    I love you, mom.

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