Father – day 3 prayer experiment

I like the image of  Father. All my father figures have loved and served me sacrificially. My Dada gave me his full attention and care, provided for me, identified with me. He carried me into his world that would bless me  and help me learn and shielded me from what could destroy me.

My Daddy was away most of my childhood…traveling to work..so we ( my Mama, me and baby sister) wouldn’t have to move away from the people and place that we loved so dearly.  When he finally earned a stationary federal position in Athens, he gave me huge amounts of time. My Dad was the one who after work everyday threw the ball or shot baskets with me and the neighborhood children. My Dad took me fishing all the time because I loved it so. Once in town, my Daddy never missed a performance or game  that I played. He wasn’t the kind of father who took care of his own needs first…when he got home he wasn’t in a chair relaxing, reading the paper, watching the news…he was with us, in our world, learning what we cared about and helping us learn to care about important things like the earth and people. He served in neighborhood and pool and lake corporation government. Which meant he cleaned medians and pools and dredged the lake.  He cut trees for people when it ice stormed and shoveled mud when it flooded. And even more important, when it was not adding to one’s trouble, he  took us with him and showed us how good  helping was.

I know what a progenitor is. God is not just our spiritual DNA donor, distant and unknown.  He is a father.

Heaven is the realm that encompasses the realm we dwell in. Like space about the earth’s atmosphere, heaven cradles earth. It’s inhabitants tolerate all atmospheres. But man can only abide there by super-natural means. I love your image of the transparency sheets. I have often explained it as parallel plains that intersect where God’s finger presses in purpose.

So, someone like my own father, someone who wants to share with me in the context of his world and understanding and in the context of mine, someone who dwells in the all-encompassing realm, enters my realm by the Spirit that makes us one, the same, and able to commune… and lives with me.

That’s what it means to me to have a father in heaven. He is in some ways beyond us…but we are in no way beyond him.


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