Three parts – day 4 prayer experiment

Well, the three parts are body, soul and spirit.

We exercise the flesh when we do what it desires..when we let it rule. Whether that be letting a sweet tooth determine our diet or some distraction keep us from the thing at hand. The flesh seeks its own way and will. It is anti-God and anti-other.

Other than praying, I like to play “watch and connect.” I believe that God speaks and shows us “the way” all the time. Connections are everywhere. God is in the connections. He is the master networker. When I don’t have sense enough to pay attention to such in the now I try to replay stuff for His connections.  I just look back over  periods of time and look for themes, trails, clues.

I have also learned to be sensitive to the non-verbal communication of God…sometimes it comes visually. Something seems highlighted or oddly framed. Sometimes it comes as a resonance: a rumbling, a tremor or  a sound. Sometimes it comes as a motion, a move, a stirring. Sometimes it is a pulling, this drawing to a place or back to a moment of significance…

Sometimes there are words…but these are not more nor better…



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5 responses to “Three parts – day 4 prayer experiment

  1. Pastor Jeremy

    I like “watch and connect”- btw, the big boy term is “theological reflection”

  2. Sara

    When you say “play watch and connect” is that what you were teaching me that one morning last year when I was in 9th grade? I remember it so well, I had my left hand on a broken blue chair and you put your hand on mine and said just connect with God, tune in and tune out whether its 5 seconds or a whole minute. I just stared at the ceiling and I was getting so frustrated! To tell you the truth I use that technique for 3 weeks straight, every hour, for 5 seconds I would just listen to Him, no matter the chaos before it just became natural to me. I hope you remember this, it was a pretty deep moment in my life, connecting with God… mmm. Thanks for being a great teacher. I love you!!

  3. This is more where you learn to see the hand of God at work in your life, directing. For me, it’s like clues in a Nancy Drew mystery…they are important but not too hard to recognize. At first, I had to primarily play in hindsight, looking back. Seeing how God had orchestrated people, events even little mile markers to help me along a way or point out my potential misstep. After a while, I began to expect the markers – the confirmations positive and negative in my way…and I began to pay attention. I’ll try to think of a good concrete example and write it out.

  4. Sara

    sounds good, maybe you can steal me away some time next week and we can talk again.

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