Dignity of Disclosure – prayer journal day 10

The Dignity of Disclosure

What a cool concept.

I love hearing stories about someone’s take on something. That’s why I love to read your  blogs. I know what you do most of the day. I see you. It’s pretty much the same most days for all of us. But I don’t know what you see, perceive, hear or come to understand during that day. That’s why I so love to hear from you directly. I could guess – I know many of your personalities and presuppositions pretty well. I might be right. But the fun is that you guys surprise me in what you see, hear and write.

And I believe that it is so important that you hear yourself – what comes out of you. I think God likes the newness and the surprise. But I think He encourages us to talk to Him so that we can hear ourselves as well. Part of the disclosure issue is for us. I’m not sure that we can grow to much without processing our thoughts and perceptions. The first step in that is to pay attention. I cannot tell you how much better all of us pay attention to life now.

We have missed a great deal of wonder and joy and living…just bumbling along. No more!


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