Dignity of Causality – prayer journal day 7

Dignity of Causality

Obviously, God has limited Himself in regard to our wills. We are still president in regard to our lives…and this world.

“The heavens are the LOrds. The earth He has given to the sons of man.” Psalm 115:16

This makes me tremble in many ways…It convicts my heart that God is not  planning or going to bail us out. We have a call, a work to do. I believe that our doing it is more important than any other thing. We have to grow up into who we were created to be as humans. Ephesians says we, the Body,  are to grow up into Christ, until we reach maturity in the faith. So…maybe it’s the process that grows us, not our presence in the “heavens” that God is focused upon. We are eternal in Him, so He has time and so do we. I don’t think God is in a hurry.  Perhaps, He would rather achieved the goal of maturity of the Body.  Just a thought.


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