Just Talking…

Today the KCS  girls played softball…and one of the Faithful Four checked out early. So that just left us three of us in 7th period. They sat around this table in my classroom and after checking for an assignment from me, they started homework or checking emails.

I didn’t feel pressed to move on again without the team. So I just sat down with them and after a few minutes, asked a few casual “tell me this about you” questions. Nothing too pressurized or probing, just things I hadn’t yet learned about them.  The pace of life just slowed. They looked up from their work and listened to one another’s thoughtful, sometimes honest and brave answers. I wanted to stretch the moment as long as it would last. Those three kids live a love for God everyday. Sometimes they share it in snippets with me and their friends verbally. Today they talked freely about themselves, the things they believe that God has put in them, and how God has changed them and their notions so much. My love for those young people multiplied every minute we sat there, talking; as did the richness of my vision for them.

They are really great kids who will be incredible men and women. I am very blessed to have them in my life.


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