Vanity – Prayer Experiment – day 13


The definition listed first for vanity concerns pride or a trust in one’s own achievement or ability. But vanity also means a hollowness, a deception – it is something that is not what it could or should be.

These seem so very related to me. Someone told me a million years ago that pride is just fear turned inside out. I know that in my life my pride was a cover for my inadequacy. It was my fear of not being, in reality, enough. Knowing that has helped me so much. It helps me to pray for Knuckle- Heads, prideful, stubborn souls … who are posturing in so many of the ways that I did, and sometimes still do. It takes the offense from the situation. It shows me the pathetic, to be pitied place that they reside – in fear.

I try to pray for those individuals as they cross my path or as God brings them to my mind. I try to make myself not long react to their grating ways…but to see them as they are: afraid. It is so much easier to work for the rescue of the afraid, the one who needs and knows. So I ascribe that fear to them, I dress them in its attire, and then pray.


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