Excuses – Prayer Experiment- day 14


We all make excuses to forestall change. Somehow humanity finds such comfort in the known. The worst known thing is often trumped by our fear of the least bit of change. We are strange ducks. What is this psychosis?

Where does it comes from? I’m no psychologist. But it seems so common to man. I’ve seen it rule my life. It may relate to some sense of control. It may have something to do with our pursuit of Godhood: “Knowing all is good. Full knowledge is the thing.” To which God responds, “I didn’t wire you for such. It is too much for you…to strapping, to weighty for the tenderness of your frame. You cannot bear such.”

I think we should pray that excuses would be exposed not just singularly, but in totum…as impediment to something better, something more, something good.


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