Talking about God…

In chapel this week, we were encouraged to talk with one another about God, to just visit with one another around Him, who He is in our life, what we are learning about Him and from Him. I get that with many of you who read this thing, and a few other friends fairly regularly. But I asked God to make a way for more and new people to talk with. And it happened today: purposeful God talk…at school, totally unrequired for EPOCH, EDGE or any assignment. “Mrs. Sullivan, I just want to tell you about something…something going on with me and God.” “God really changed me, really used this circumstance to change my mind about so many things.”

I so miss visiting in and around Him, not sharing to teach a mini-lesson conversations, not a story that turns into a preaching, not something forced for points, but just talking about God’s reality in our lives and what we are learning about ourselves –

Lord, please open more avenues for such, especially at school. Thank you.


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