Daily Bread – Prayer Experiment – Day 15

Daily Bread represents what we physically need. God telling us to pray that HE would relate to us through our incarnate bodies as well as our spirits validates our matter. God is about the natural. He came in the flesh. He redeemed all matter and we as sons and daughters are to work for the redemption of all things in Christ. Matter matters to God. He is the incarnational God. My mentor used to tell us: God’s truth incarnates itself. And God’s answer to every problem is always to send a son (daughter). That’s heavy stuff but exactly what we have been learning in this experiment.

I have needs to live: air and water and food and shelter. To grow and flourish, flower and reproduce I need parents and friends and mentors and children. God made us with a need for Him and each other.

Jesus is what we need spiritually and we His body on earth are what we need physically. (Parent and friend and mentor and child) Jesus told us to care for and feed, shelter and nourish, protect and defend, His sheep. God is still aware of man’s every problem – difficulty – and He has made solution for such in Christ and His body.

Bread – Christ is bread broken and we are the hands that share it.


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