Power is guarded by problems.

This may be my mentor’s favorite saying. I bet he said it to us hundreds of times. What it means is that God distributes power through those who seek to solve problems. Power from God exists to change situations, people and circumstances. Power is never for us, it is a flow through. And until we embrace problems with a heart to throw our lives at solution, God will not empower us.

We talked about power today, the 7th graders and I. How power is ability to do work – to bring change. It doesn’t feel like we have much power in the US. Especially,  if you are in 7th grade. We talked about the resources that they had: their voice, their words, their physical strength, their financial resources, the Holy Spirit, etc. Yet, they felt pretty powerless to do much.

We talked about what work their power could accomplish in the poorest of countries. We figured that most of the  7th grade kids got more cash for birthday and Christmas than most families made in a year – made to feed, clothe, shelter, educate their children. And what did the 7th graders’ cash go toward ? Not their daily meal or only clothes or the cost of their home or their education. Their funds went to buy things for them that they wanted. So, they discovered, even as 7th graders with just a little self control, they could send a child to school for a year, or feed many children for a year, or house a family or buy the family shoes and clothes. They had that kind of power. But they didn’t even know it…because only in our coming up on problems (especially someone else’s problems) do we really see who we can be. They saw and were empowered. Purpose and significance have entered them and are stretching them big. They have seen that we are so blessed…. to move in power.

Today we made a short-term and long-term plan. With Pastor Benny’ okay, we launch our experiment tomorrow.

These kids won’t sing worship songs with me for hours, they don’t like to ask me bible questions and us sort out truth together, they aren’t the most sensitive to types, shadows, signs and signals, but baby, they can do. They had 50 feasible things we could do imagined, planned and organized in 50 minutes. I think we have struck passion.

We are going to force a bit and hold the reigns ( loosely) but this horse was made to run and I, for one, think its time we let it.

I hear the Spirit saying, “Hang on!”


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