INOCULATION -prayer experiment day 16


It is the situation of the south. I teach the most inoculated children on the planet. They have had enough pseudo-Jesus that they  have created anti-bodies to the death that His living in us brings… So many did not get a genuine infection from a carrier that produced infection and symptom and ultimately death. They got inoculated. Inoculations aren’t full blown Jesus, they are a man-made serum that mimics Jesus and fools the body into producing anti-bodies. A good dose of these just about ensures one won’t be part of the Body of Christ, that thing that lays down and dies that others might live…unless one desperately pursues it.  It’s a sad state.

So, I can think of the pseudo-dis-ease as an armor against Christ. A shield, a protection and cover from the piercing ( dis-easing) nature of His life lived. But armor has chinks, vaccinated people manage to get the actual disease they were inoculated against all the time, if the disease is virulent enough and they are made weak enough. It happens.

So how do we help make that happen? We weaken their anti-bodies. We show them the Body in deed, we live it as clearly before them as we can. We share the real with them, by breathing the same air as them, sharing our supply, coming close. And we pray that God would find His way to invade and make habitation in the small places in them not yet tooled against Him. So that He can spread from that unfortified ground, systemically as well.

I am not an anti-inoculationist in the natural.  But, brother, am I ever in the spirit.


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