Deception – prayer experiment – day 17


Lies are things told to deceive, most often to blame shift. Blame shifting is a popular pursuit for us humans. It is our reaction to standard, to the expectation of love. Blame shifting is the lengthy exercise in which we explain why,  “we couldn’t have really done something unloving”, or why “we couldn’t manage to do the loving thing.” It’s all about excuse. I have spent a lot of energy here before. As a teacher, I witness a lot of this daily.

I have this mantra: “People are crazy, crazy wrong, all the time. You are a people.” To me, that is freeing. As soon as I understand that I do/will fail, like everyone else, the easier it is for me to admit (really see) my inequity. When I see it, then I can posture for change. Real repentance and its fruit, genuine change, don’t happen until we see and believe that the short-fall of love exists. It is our pliability (to be measured against Christ), not willful obedience ( to do/not do what we do know), that it the mark of our maturing.

Deception tells us we have arrived, mastered. But holiness is not the absence of sin so much as it’s the presence of God’s way – ever-expanding in us and through us.

Jesus is our example there.

When I am praying for people, I pray that the way of God will intersect their life, that people who have been infected by His love will dispense it to them, and that their excuses and veils will be rendered useless against the reality of who God is and how He lives His life. I pray for the cessation of blame shift.


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