Maybe generosity is sharing what you have without thought, without hesitation.

There are some people who are  generous with me. Some share their snacks with me, thanks, Mad. Some indulge me and read everything that I write. Some always take care to keep me straight about schedules and what I must do to cover all the bases for me and mine. Some ask me questions.

Someone, asking questions of me, not to me…like, “Mama, when can I?” “Where is the?” etc… but probing, exploratory questions is something that I love.  A good question means, “I’m digging deeper to know you or help you know yourself. I am interested. I am focused on you.  I am pursuant of the real – the best you.” That is a most generous gift. Truly, my favorite.

There is nothing like a good question.  A friend asked me yesterday, well, this morning, “What makes you tick? I haven’t figured it out yet.”

I hadn’t either. I held my answer.

That is such a focusing question. I know my passions, the things that I live/love to do, I know where I sense that I am at my best, where I am in my lane, if you will… But, “What makes me tick – keeps me going – what energizes and sustains me?” Good question, friend.

Uncovering the veil, making the subtle seen, finding the intersection, recognizing relationship… that really is where I live. It is what occupies me, keeps me moving forward…That’s what energizes me. I love my friends, but I am not the greatest of companions. I am like the person at the party who gets all the great pictures – not so much a part, as a keen observer. I love my kids but bless them, I am no super mom.  I really like connecting with God – our  intercourse of  thought and emotion. I am starting to really get that, the how of it. My life is very much lived in that pursuit.

Not so great of an answer.

I did something like this with 7th period last friday. They saw each other better than themselves. That’s always so. So, help me. What do you think makes me tick?



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4 responses to “generosity…

  1. Katie Fowler

    I have been sitting here or a few minutes trying to figure out what makes you tick and what really gets under your skin. You are a relatively laid back person who takes everything in stride. I have never seen you lose your patience or composure. So it took some serious thought to come up with what really gets under your skin. It was when I was thinking about this that an image appeared in my head. It expression that I so often see on your face when you are telling us about some injustice or when you are compelling us to live up to our potential. It is an expression of passion and sometimes even anger. It is then that I realized what makes you tick. You have no tolerance for injustice. Injustice in any form angers you deeply and produces in you a desire to change reach out and correct it. The other thing I have noticed that really gets to you is when people do not live up to their potential and do not take advantage of their opportunities and talents. You make it a point to take advantage of all your skills and resources and it angers you when others do not do the same.

    • Thank you for considering the question so carefully. That is a huge gift to me, really huge.

      I am so very anxious to read more from you. I know that you have much in your schedule. But of all the students at KCS, you may stand to gain the most from faithfully writing. Your voice is strong already, your style is readable and thoughtful. What I believe you need to gain your measure is opportunity to engage the difficult and the trying, to tackle tough questions and tough situations. Challenging problems, challenging circumstance can ignite the curiosity within you, release the compassion which accompanies.

      Please think about writing with me one day a week. Maybe we can read a book or series of articles together and respond in writing to such. You can pick…anything that you’d like.

      I know that you are a great kid: fun, kind, ready to learn and to try things. In any school girl circumstance you shine. But when you write, you are a giant. I can only image the impact of your life lived gigantically in God and exercised through this vehicle.

      Do everything that you can these high school years to try things…but in this season, do not totally neglect those things most you, most necessary.

      I believe that it may be time to put a little focus, a little energy this way. If you need help with a format, a plan….I’m here.

      • Katie Fowler

        I would love to start writing with you some time! Thank you for being such an encouragement to me. You have no idea just how great an impact you have on your students. Just pick a time and a topic and I will be happy to spend some time writing with you.

  2. Jeremy Sims


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