A friend came by today…I don’t get to see her enough.  She is one of those people who make the effort, who leave their own schedule to come into mine. She inspires me…to pour it out, all I have. God has so poured Himself all over/into her and infiltrated her life.  Someone asked me about her this morning…another teacher, “How is she?”  Words didn’t form…just images that I have yet to render out. I dropped to my most tender place…so on the edge of tears and tried to reply, “Really good.” And she is “really good,” to be around, to be near. I never want her to leave.

Life for her has not been easy since His pouring on. It has been difficult for her to navigate, to steer through. All around her are those whom she has had to steady, to hold up and hold toward God. And she has.

She came in to my room today, holding one near, and up and toward…just a little fella, with eyes that held mine and questioned… and questioned. She had him like it was nothing. When he forsook all baby lovers who surrounded, she whispered to me and Halo, “Don’t feel bad, it’s just his Mama and me that he’ll go to. He’ll only go to me.” It wasn’t some silly gloat. He needs her holding, hers, he somehow trusts, knows to be safe and good.

She is like that with us all, those who need holding near, and up, and toward…


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