Been thinkin’ back

I have been thinking back over my day. There were some memorable moments. We watched a really eye-opening documentary about plastic – the problem it is. We kept on making and selling bracelets to buy shoes for school children in South Africa. My 7th graders are knocking them out. Some of my other sweet students, who definitely don’t need another woven bracelet, but do need a good excuse to give, again, bought many of what we had made today.

I watched a movie about sea exploration, a secret passion of mine, with the guys – the girls are pretty can do in there, too. So (too) little money goes to funding sea exploration, especially compared to what is spent for our jaunts to mars, venus, etc. Robert Ballard is starting a new wave – haha- of explorations on a big ex-Navy ship to map all of the sea floor -30% is not even mapped –  starting with US holdings offshore. Who knows what all they will discover in biological, historical, and geological venues. Many of the guys were like, “Cool! I would love to set out on adventure like that for a couple of years.” Me, too. I was so jealous to be young and free to do such things again. I so hope one of them will – and email me the findings everyday.

Later my senior class watched my favorite documentary to date, the one about the 7 kids’ struggles to go to school. Some seniors slept. Some did not.  Some started plowing through their  purses and imaginations for ways to be solution. Some will be just that. Some dropped down into their real selves and saw something about who they were made to be…Some kept on sleeping.

The best moment of the day came when one of the girls went to show me something that she had written. She had come into my room to work on some english assignment. She had made a discovery about something.  She held my eyes as she handed me the computer. Her eyes were full. She let them run over, she didn’t break connection with mine.  And the world which was motion and chatter and music and 7th grade silliness all around us, was gone. I saw the undoing of the tangle I had faithfully addressed in prayer all year… I saw that knotted place fall straight in ordered links of understanding.

God, I love this job.


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