favorite scriptures – prayer experiment – day 23

Favorite scriptures? Well, that’s has changed over time, in different seasons, circumstances of my life. But overall, I most dearly love the parables of Christ. “The Kingdom of God is like….” They seem  Jesus’ prompt  to us, to help us see Him and His Way or His response to our questions as we try to figure out this life.

I love the beauty and many layered meanings of the simple stories that  He told  to give us window into Himself and ourselves.

I do learn what just might be the plans, the purposes, and the promises of God elsewhere…and those can be helpful in encouraging me to ask and trust God for things for which I need Him and His wisdom. But the parables show me something more, something basic. They show me Who God is…They show me what He values. They show me how He sees us. And that draws me to prayer ( to Him) more than any promise or purpose.


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  1. Very true, the parables are simple stories that we can relate to. I agree 100%, and to those that say there is too much to Christianity and it is too hard, just read some of the parables, they really some a lot up and put it all into common terms, something less complicated and even less difficult to achieve.

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