prayer experiment – day 24


I am writing letters to my seniors this week. I’ve been watching. I’ve been asking God to show me each of them, what He sees. It’s all about paying attention, with my senses and with my spirit. I love to watch, see God at work, weaving events, experience, lives together…sometime for just a moment, sometime for a lifetime.

For me, its easier to watch for others, the unfolding of their lives interests me so. I love to pray open ways and pray for necessary  needs. Watching my own life seems less like adventure, more like inspection and test and short-coming. I am so very aware of my false -starts, my stallings, my face turned away in purposeful disregard. I see my steps into well marked quicksand and my marches across fired upon fields. I see all too clearly when I watch my own life.

But if I do not see it, I cannot give signal for God to work change in me. So I must see, I must watch and acknowledge what you all see all too plainly, where I am, where I am not yet, as Christ.


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