I’m back

I took a few day off to write. Yes, write. I write each of my seniors a letter. I take it pretty seriously, I hope that they do. It took me four days working pretty hard to write them all. Most of the letters were well wishes with a little advice and encouragement worked  in, a few were something else. I never know who will receive which kind of letter. I just turn it over the Holy Spirit and follow His lead. Some that I thought would leave me tearful just brought a smile and some dove deep into places which I did not plan to venture. But I followed along, doing my best to give words to God’s heart.

I like getting letters. I think that I have every scribble anyone has ever written to me. It’s totally my love language. It’s what most encourages me, so maybe that’s why I write so very much, to so many and all but beg for feedback, comments. I stink at getting gifts, labors of love and all the other stuff that so many excel in. But I put a lot of time, if not excellence into my notes and  letters.

If you comment on my blog, you’ll probably get a comment, a note back, just ask the students who have done so.

I’m going to turn down a new path tomorrow. I have a book that I’m reading that is totally rocking me, I’m inspired anew.



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3 responses to “I’m back

  1. Sara

    Yes! I’m the exact same way, I use to read the letters you wrote me several times a day, and I could probably cite them right here and now, although it’s been over a year since you wrote them. When I’m a senior, I better be getting a letter no matter what school I’m at 🙂 (I’ll be sure to write you back of course).

    I love you!

  2. Of course.

    I’ll write with you this summer when we read a (some) book(s) together. FB message is probably a better venue for such than the blog.

    I have to journal all out in the Ignatious exercises PJ has leaders doing this summer (certainly not on the blog) , and I am going to try and knock out a story with Miss Amy, about her home town.

    The blogging may just go dormant until school starts up. It’s suppose to be my warm-up exercises any way.

    There will be letters and since you are the main one reading this blog – since almost no one else will dare let me know who they are??? Just consider these all for you. ( smile)

  3. Sara

    I’m super excited about the books, give me all you can! With how my summer is looking, I will be bored to death! Ah, yes, I get to become friends with you on facebook May 19th at 3 pm, I know you’re stoked to be my friend on facebook, I mean who isn’t? And I am quite honored for these amazing writings to be for me, I won’t skip a word, I’m excited about what else you have to write!

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