I’m changing out the old, pretty gross caulk in the bathroom today. It’s not my favorite job, but there is some satisfaction in getting it done. It’s tough to pry that old stuff out, you cut and pry and pull and then do it some more. It’s incredible how well that stuff stays put.

Many a builder has told me that the main thing holding most new homes together is caulk. It fills in all the mistakes, the gaps, the mis-measurements and bad cuts, etc. Caulk is what we use to make up for what is not there, but should be. Hmm. Got me thinking a bit. My ceramic, stainless steel, and marble does not mildew, it wipes clean easily, doesn’t let those infectious spores have much chance. But that caulk, that “bacteria resistant, walter repellent ” caulk, let’s lots by in time. It looks like it’s airtight and water tight, but we all know given time, it’s not.

So, what’s the caulk in our lives, our belief systems , our theologies and our doctrinal understandings; what are the answers we routinely offer for the gaps, that mask well, but aren’t really going to hold, aren’t really immune to growing scum and spore alike. I can think of many offered daily that I have long realized are blooming and well, are perhaps the undiagnosed repository of my sickness about some things.

It’s paradigm tipping, re-caulkng, time again in my life. I try to do it often enough to keep down on the mold: the smell, that though it signals death, just gets familiar, and after a while smells like home. (Jer 48:11)


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  1. Sara

    “It looks like it’s airtight and water tight, but we all know given time, it’s not.” I like that…

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