the vehicle of truth is story

I found my mentor, Madeleine L’Engle, when I was in college. I had read some of her works earlier, but they didn’t “get me” nor I them, until college. Then they overwhelmed me. I think that I have since read everything that she has written. That is no small list.

Now, when I say mentor, I do not mean to imply that I knew her personally, but I feel as if I did. She helped me with my questions, and she helped me to form better and better ones.

Madeleine was an actress and writer. She was a curious soul who discovered mysteries of the universe through her writing in areas of nano-biology and physics and higher math, and she “discovered” the Creator of that mystery through her writing as well. Story was the vehicle that led her to truth, Christ. As she wrote story, asking questions in her pursuit, He appeared in the stories that poured from her. God’s media of choice is story. He tells story, He embodies story. Story is the path to truth.

Madeleine’s God was wild and wonderful: Elohim. Madeleine’s God was wonderful/terrible, not in His power to destroy, but in His power to love. The god of destruction, “Theos” – the Greek idea of God – is derived from ole Zeus. Elohim’s terribleness came in His love – unquenchable and passionately pursuant.

Elohim is the God an artist can truly appreciate: emotional and yet careful, quick to turn, and yet strident, He is gentle, though He will have His way, the intricate designer who hides His signature. Elohim: the God who dreams to life the stars and each of us.

Elohim: the God who blinds us with the beauty of the Earth and whispers the unknown in the ear. Elohim: the God who stands between us and our Enemies, who bends down to lift us. The God who entertains even our mocking and scoffing: Elohim. The God who left all for our coming near: Elohim. Shattered, segmented, spilled out for our wholeness: again, Elohim.

God has a story. Or more revelatory to me at one point: God has a life. We, the Church, are to live that life in/with Him. His Life story sure sounds like it would be  a good one. I sure would like to hear it.

How about you?


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