I can’t love you like You love me…

This line of lyric ’bout says it all. It’s been bouncing around in me, banking up against things that need  to feel the press of it.

God knows we can’t love Him like He loves us. He tells us so…that we are just, earth. So why do we push to do so? And why the focus on sin, on our failings? Why do we highlight them, examine them, define them? Over and over, God is telling us, those who will listen to Him, “Let me love you. You are the child. I am the adult. You can’t even understand how I love you. You job is to let me love you.” Change comes in that posture and place.

When we let love do its work, trust it, we identify with and become like those who love us. Change doesn’t come so much through battling sin. Change comes in the arms of God, in the earshot of God’s whispering: when we are near and known.


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