still processing

On the bus, on the way to somewhere, Jeremy asked us some questions to consider in response to our ten days in Costa Rica. I listened to everyone’s comments. I was not ready to speak. I was still processing, as I am yet. I took inventory of the many images I had stowed within my mind. I tried hard to turn them about and review every angle before time had the chance to blur them in my memory.

When I think of home, I see calendars and deadlines. I see the many projects that I must prioritize and address in the few days of summer yet remaining. There are course objectives to rewrite, story-lines to further outline, research to conduct, books to read, drafts to edit and systems to envision and design.

In Costa Rica, we were busy, but everything focused on relationship. Jeff, the missionary, taught me a great deal about that. The stories I should and must tell are not about situations and circumstances, they are the stories of people. I learned that you run into your work, one person at a time. You come upon it. People are the stones of the pathway you walk along. People are the sign posts and the traffic signals.

I’m still quite tired. My eyes are bleary. My mind is slow. Tomorrow, I will share more of a land and people almost too beautiful to bear.


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