I can’t believe that I wasn’t selected

I had jury duty, again, this week. I get called a good bit. Often I get selected: white female with kids, in education – I kinda chart out neutral to mildly sympathetic. Today, it seemed everyone on the panel but me had been rear-ended and/or had injured their neck to the point that they required neck surgery. What is the chance that in a group of 32 people all under 55, like 6-8 of them had neck surgery after a wreck. Anyway, I would have picked me as a defense or plaintiff attorney. But I was released.

I’m really glad I was. It was the typical insurance company vs. policy holder case. One of those tough to tell if the plaintiff is lying, so many people do to milk insurance companies for every possible dollar. Or if the company was doing the all too normal foot-dragging dance. Seemed it might have been both. My discernment as to the lying wasn’t firing, and my experience with insurance companies has many times had me close to calling in a bomb threat….

God was gracious to me today, He hid me in my spiritual numbness and fleshly frustration.

I had to walk the hallways of the courthouse a lot. We took lots of breaks. You know you could tell the staff and jury personnel instantly from those there or with someone there for processing or some legal matter. There was just a different tone to them. It was bleak and sad and like a sickness that clung to them. It was a staleness.

I met and visited with some nice people…jury duty always encourages me that way. There are lots of really nice people in this world, especially within those called to jury duty. Only one young man on the panel seemed to have that dingy, staleness about him. He offered during questioning that he had a case pending against him in a civil court. Everyone else was free of whatever that thing is.

Last week in sunday school we talked about the thing that overtakes those in legal trouble, the spiritual thing. I saw it today…I know exactly what they were talking about now. Hopelessness.


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