my favorite thing

One of the exercises we do in comtemplation is answer the “my favorite thing today was” question. Many folks have asked me about my favorite thing from Beach Freak. It takes me a while to process such. So two days later and hundreds of casts later ( fishing is my processing time), here’s my take away best.

I was sitting on the beach with some of the kids one night, not just any kids: the ones that call me Mama or their Godmother or come eat lunch with me at school. We were just sitting there – not really taking or even laughing. It was very dark – a starless and moonless night- all I could see was their outlines against the curls of the waves. We were just together, quietly so. Together with all we are to one another. If I get still in that, emotions overwhelm me and they did. So much of what makes me and my life rich sat beside me quiet, quietly together.

It is a wondrous thing to find God in His search for you when you are young…a far more wondrous thing to be found, together. I knew such a long time ago. To be so linked into such again is great priviledge and joy.


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