I have the task of relating a parable at Epoch tomorrow

I have the task of relating a parable at Epoch tomorrow. Not my usual venue. It’s  a tough crowd. Unlike my classroom, where I can, if necessary, throw someone out, or Edge – where everybody pretty much wants to be there for what we all share – Epoch is a hodge-podge of every kind of teenage motivation.

I like what I have to share very much. I can’t much get through it without tears. But, I am not sure that  it will impact them so much, immediately. I’m talking about how perception changes with growth, how cherished, old, good things sometimes need to be traded up  for us to walk with God in our grown up ( and more responsible) selves.

There is really two parts to what I want to share: the reality of paradigm shift, which one has to deal with all the time, if one wants to walk with Jesus, and some possible shifts in what the kingdom of  heaven might be. I’d love to address both, but I don’t think I can hold the attention of the 2/3 of the crowd that won’t be listening sufficiently anyway: pearls before swine and all. I think I will just set the table tomorrow, sow some thought questions among the Edgers, get them thinking via FB and such, and let Jeremy throw out the…. “Maybe the kingdom of heaven is like”…via some other parable or genius intro.



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2 responses to “I have the task of relating a parable at Epoch tomorrow

  1. Sounds like an interesting talk; I hope the youth appreciate it!

  2. Pastor Jeremy

    thanks, it sounds so simple

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