I read an article today about the necessity of creed in the spiritual formation of young people. The host of the blog in which the article was relayed did not believe that youth were truly capable of digesting creed. I tend to disagree. Creed for me, growing up Methodist, was the first thing I really got, in my gut, got. Creed is not specific doctrine derived from specific views and orientations of scriptural thought, but generalities of beliefs which bring both unity to the Church and help dot a line of community about us.

Creed is uniquely beautiful, as much poetry as prose. It is stark and yet subtle. It is clear, but it leaves room for many opinions and impressions of just Who God might be. I miss creed spoken together, affirmed aloud amongst the brethren.



Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is the one true Church, apostolic and universal, whose holy faith let us now declare:

Minister and People:

We believe in the one God, maker and ruler of all things, Father of all men, the source of all goodness and beauty, all truth and love.

We believe in Jesus Christ, God manifest in the flesh, our teacher, example, and Redeemer, the Savior of the world.

We believe in the Holy Spirit, God present with us for guidance, for comfort, and for strength.

We believe in the forgiveness of sins, in the life of love and prayer, and in grace equal to every need.

We believe in the Word of God contained in the Old and New Testaments as the sufficient rule both of faith and of practice.

We believe in the Church as the fellowship for worship and for service of all who are united to the living Lord.

We believe in the kingdom of God as the divine rule in human society, and in the brotherhood of man under the fatherhood of God.

We believe in the final triumph of righteousness, and in the life everlasting.


Amen, indeed.


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  1. Margaret

    I agree. Creed is basic. It is what unites Christians, regardless of denomination. Saying the Apostles’ Creed with fellow believers each Sunday morning affirms my faith and reminds me that I am not alone in my belief. Certainly, we may all differ on politics, social agenda, ambition, but when it comes to “I believe in God the Father…and His Son Jesus Christ…”, then it’s good to know where we stand–united in faith. Recently, my church has adopted the phrase: Seek God. Love People. Live in Faith. A simple place from which to strike out in this journey called life. And along the way, I run into fellow believers, and those encounters are joy!

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