a prayer

Sometimes there are things to say, that need to be spoken…but no one to speak them to…save God. They are weight to another; not a problem to solve, not a true need to be filled,  not a dream to be encouraged nor an insight to be confirmed. Sometimes, there is no one else who can understand my such things, for they are too unknown, to even my own self, to be spoken with effect.

Such a time, season is upon me. I am circling, at safe distance – holy unspeakables. Dragging only my toes near to their habitation, I am unable to look full on, unwilling to face them fully. There are things to be said, but I cannot speak them, yet, perhaps ever…

God, speak for me, as You must, and do at times, speak  for us. Speak for my heart, pumping this  yet un-worded  knowing about my frame.

Let now be the time of your nearness. Closer than I to (my) self, rise to gain me. Speak for my heart, and hear it too, well. I am outside… and await you to do, as always, all for me.


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  1. Jeremy

    Somehow you have the unique ability to define what I’ve felt but never put into thoughts much less words. You are my reflection hero!

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