Finally, a moment…

Well, not really, but I’m taking one, making one to connect with those of you who read this blog. Funny thing, I don’t really know who you are, save the few brave souls who occasionally drop me a comment. But I miss you just the same. It’s somehow comforting to know you are there – reading, paying my perspectives some measure of regard…caring in some small way about what I might have to say. I have missed you.

I do not forsake writing here out of choice, other assignments just take precedent at this time. They are important assignments, but they are not the kind of writing that I am to share. I feel alone as I struggle to complete them and in all honesty, my effort and effect is less than what I produce casually here, for you.

You, the would be reader, force me to try to say better what I might just suffice to say and scribble cryptically in my journal. My writing misses you.

I like to journal, to delve my deep, to expose the hidden within myself, all that kind of thing. But, it is not enough for me. I need a reader to write well. You are as necessary to my writing as my laptop and imagination.

I will do my best to sneak away time to time and share something, anything with you. Maybe my mentor in this journaling thing will throw a task or two my way that will work well. For the time being, know that you have been/are appreciated  for your patience and peculiar interest in what I might pen.

Surely, I have come to realize that life without this is less, in so many ways, less.


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