flooding back

Sometimes I  perceive that particular God cast of light and recognize moment in the making. Payton, David, Millie, Trent and I were brainstorming, juggling ideas for possible Homecoming week games. We were laughing and expounding on one another’s more and more brilliant offerings. Our laughter threw us open, the joy of the moment and expected moments to come literally opened us to one another. Something happened within and between us, something real.

I doubt any of those young people will even remember our game discussion in days ahead, much less years from now. But I sensed the future being altered as we laughed today.  It seemed that a cosmic switch was activated, employed to shift destination and path, as with a train.

Payton and David are always respectful, kind, even friendly to me. They always wave and call out, “Hello, Mrs. Sullivan,” even when their peers walk on by. But tonight at Epoch, Payton approached me. He looked me dead in the eyes and held his hand high for mine. As I pressed my hand to his, something deep surged in me.

And I remembered all those dreams you gave us, Lord, in the early days of our walk together.  The visions that came upon us awake, came flooding back.


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