I’m trying to get it all in.

I have some stories I really want to tell to this semester’s Economics students. I have some videos I believe they must see. I won’t have these students again, ever. We will share no senior trip this year. No long lunches nor service days together will give me opportunity to be near and hear them. This is my last shot to share my heart, maybe a little of my mind that has been righted. This is all I have.

Again, today felt like it should. Today, those already tracking kept pace; some of  those on the edge of sobriety, stepped free of the silliness and stayed with me on our journey.  There were many small victories that I dare not fail to recognize and celebrate. For mere seconds, some saw.

Their whispered words betrayed them. Their genuine selves spoke, silently and aloud.

I read eyes really well. Our eyes talk a great deal in that class. Their eyes said, “I’m here, hiding and hearing.”

I’m going to keep pushing, trying to get it all in.


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