I thought that they would hang back a little.

Tonight we had a guided prayer time. Jerm reads a scripture. We let it speak to us and then we pray – all of us pray about the individual revelations that we got and shared with the group. One person shares then we pray along that axis for a bit. Then another shares, etc. It is always a powerful time. It’s not something we do quietly, like many of our prayer exercises. When we do corporate guided prayer, we pray aloud, we walk and pray. We move in and out of earshot of one another’s prayer. It is a moving experience, hearing one another talk to God in their own manner in relation to a specific thought.

We have new Edgers and Edgers from last year. Last year’s kids are older, a year or so older than this new batch. I thought the young ones would hang back a little, maybe not even approach the microphone without serious encouragement. I was so wrong. They moved forward to take the mic and share. They beat the old Edgers again and again to take their turn.  And they prayed energetically until the end of our time as well.

We didn’t really know how they were going to do, if they would shrink from the many similar things we will do this year.  After tonight, I’m pretty sure they are going to be just fine.


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  1. PJ

    It was a good night

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