I really love the week, Homecoming. I choose to be in charge, crazy as it makes my life for those few days. I get to see the best of the students, in moments when they must work together, when they must lay down silly separations and decide to be a team. I get to see some rise up and invest in others.

There is one guy who made the whole week for me. He told me at the beginning of the year, “I will be there to help you in every way that I can, I will be there.” I watched him step in to himself this week. When things got crazy and loud, he calmed the crowds for me. When I needed physical help to get things where they belonged, he was acting before anyone else could volunteer  He went all out dressing up, he gave, he built his float after everyone else left, he helped other teams in crisis times, and most importantly, he gave his full self in front of everybody. It wasn’t in a glorious place, not on the football field, or in front of the high school spirit gatherings, it was in the elementary games.

I saw him emerge with those little kids. It wasn’t just the excitement and enthusiasm he shared, lots of my helpers were good at that. It wasn’t just his willingness to play with them and be the victim of their exploits. It was what I heard him say to those kids. I heard the exhortations he offered to them individually. He somehow found their fear and anxiety in the moment and calmed, motivated and helped them to get excited and do well. On his knees he was ten feet tall, gigantic in influence.

I wasn’t the only one who saw it, some of us who have prayed for him, still do, for two years now, saw him step in. In all the insanity of  200 elementary students in a gym, fifty playing crazy games, God somehow turned our heads to see our man emerge.


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