The Burn

I read a very fine writer’s post yesterday. Tender, funny words brought a familiar burn to my heart. You know that sensation in your chest that feels like all of your emotions are firing at once? Half a sentence in, that sensation came on me. I swallowed and prepared for the tears that for me, always accompany that burn.

Honestly, the writer’s talent scares me. Not that I see her as competition, I am none for her. What I fear is that brokenness brought the beauty of those words forth. I have come near that place, brokenness, a time or two.  I covet no return.

Her words, their gain costly for her, are beautiful… burn in your chest, tears down your face, beautiful.

Beauty for brokenness?

Let me count that cost.


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One response to “The Burn

  1. Kathryn

    I loved reading this in the same way that you love to feel the first crisp cool of Autumn after a summer that tried to kill you with heat.
    Understanding is refreshing.

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