thanksgiving recap

Well, we had a great time at the “farm.” Rob’s brother has a little spread in east Alabama and he hosted cousins and family and friends and neighbors for Thanksgiving. We had people from all over the world – or who had at least lived all over the world, sitting down with our little Alabama gang. That kinda gave me hope. The conversation was spirited and animated. I learned so much. One of the “foreign” folks even said that I was interesting…that made me smile and believe that there was hope for me, too.

“bout dark, we took off toward “home.” Well, I guess that I should say Athens. I don’t know if Alabama will ever fall from my lips as home. We spent the rest of the weekend with my Mama and Daddy…and a few friends that came by. We ate about fifty times and went to some favorite haunts and watched the game together. It was cold…and as I am now a fair weather fan, we stayed home, ate the tickets and another round of food.  The problem with going to the game is that our tickets are not all together. So, in some ways this was a treat. We watched the game on ESPN, ate, again, and screamed, cussed our woeful team…to a razor’s edge victory, that we will take. I was exhausted from making all those tackles. It is hard to watch Georgia play, it’s hard on you.

Today, I did as I promised and cut greenery at the lake for my Christmas decorations and broke free a few stumps for kindling. I have a sweet-smelling fire a going now.

As I walked down my favorite streets and deer runs it was hard to believe that I really live anywhere else.

In so many ways, I don’t.


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