the snow fell softly

The snow fell softly, like generous wisps of cotton candy floating down. There was everywhere a covering, everywhere a grace – a clean and fresh mercy.

I looked out my many-paned loft and stared at it glowing under street lights, solid in the early morning’s shadows and bright against the sun’s touch.

I cannot here do justice to God’s graciousness this weekend…. but to those of you who prayed, “thank you.” Everywhere, your heart cries for me came to be.

I will, as my custom, catalog a bit, less any of the beauty escape, float free of my mind.

The eight hours to High Point, the well named city, flew by. I listened to the CD the Holy Spirit arranged for me, sang and heard deeply words for that hour.

As I sat in my seat and Jonathan, Melissa, Molly and the band warmed up…even the casual runs and riffs pulled me nearly to the floor. I could not have been more glad to be there. (They only gather and play occasionally, it is not something to miss. For a taste see my blogroll.)

MK got there about half-time. You need a break, a reprieve to breathe. I don’t think I took a breath the first two hours. God did the breathing for us all.

So many things (holy) bloomed in my blood, altered, changed me, chemically, like some divine detoxification.

As we drove into Raleigh, the snow started to fall. It was the most beautiful snow I’ve ever seen. Everything seemed hushed. Except the words of life that flowed between us, they sounded, clean and clear.

We met up with my first friend, Kim, and supped and stayed with her and hers. Grace lives in Raleigh, at Kim’s house.

Cradled safe, God wrapped His very self more and more about me, blanketing me as well.

We went together to worship. Love’s Spirit wove cords of solidarity and strength between us. I sat between forever…and knew it… heard it speak.

God rode home with us and beat us in the door. We stepped from Nearness to Known.

I don’t know when He has come so close, so surged within me, laid me out and left me unable to even speak His name.

…And now, a day  to sit and soak, breathe well and long. To rest in the God who goes before and behind…Who never rests in doing good on our behalf.


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