Tomorrow the students get to decide which “bible class” they want to take the first half of the next semester. We are trying something new and if you ask me, something necessary to fully fertilize the growth of youth… We are going to let them do to learn. We are initiating a hands on approach to God. No more classes learning all about who He might be…We are going to turn the students loose on God and God loose on them.

I get to teach an art/reflections section. We will write creatively and candidly… we will write lyric (maybe a little music) and poetry and drama. We will listen a lot and record all we hear. We will photograph and film and collage images that render God. We will come to love silence and stillness. We will learn how to smith and share words that fortify and strengthen. We will see God and see one another afire with God. We will share the dream of God, ourselves, and come to wonder at who has been sitting, working, walking beside us all along.

I have some super exciting (I believe Holy Spirit inspired) ideas…but, I would love some more!

Wade in writers and artist, mystics and muses alike. Share with me any trusted old or shiny new, untried thing that would flash across your spirit in response to our endeavor.

And I ask you, please pray with me in this regard, that these young men and women will see God about, among and within.




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4 responses to “Loose

  1. That sounds really neat! (although I don’t know that I wouldn’t have been a world class curmudgeon about something like it in high school)

  2. Jeremy

    We have several really good photographers that I’m sure would love to come spend an hour or two with you.

  3. Jeremy

    As a matter of fact…

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