a guest post ( Sara B.) – slam poetry ii

One of  “my-kids,” Sara B., wrote this out last night. Sara is a very promising young poet. She is also one of the reasons my life is so rich. I told you all that my Edge kids were unbelievable.


The truth has overridden me

Overwritten me

Life changing words

Life changed worlds

Time won’t stop

“You’re on your own, kid”

Sympathetic looks

From around this room

A room of black veiling

Where’s this light You promised?

This “open tunnel” to be?

Every step gets harder

Just another storm

“It’s just another storm”

I mimic with the beat

The beat of this thunder

The beat of this storm

I see myself sitting here

Blaming You of it all

A fire of fright

A lit match of hate

Coming after me like I belong

Well, look at me

Does that not tell it all?

My inner world collapsed

Still hearing, “come home”

Just to feel

Just to really feel

To only know what’s rising

What’s roaring in a caged heart

Can’t breathe within the fog

Can’t see Your misty life

I try so hard

I just can’t beat this fight

I’m still hearing…

Whispers in my ear

Light reaches toward me

A touch of hope against my skin

Sensations of ‘want’

“Step My way”

“Just step My way”

I’m not moving in this dark veiled room

Just standing with my back toward you

I couldn’t tell you what I’m looking at

So black in here it is

Though I feel Your eyes upon me

Knowing every move I make

You see my hand against my side

Reaching for me

Calling for me

I still hear Your voice

Hearing… desperately listening

Yearning for more in my heart

I push You away in my mind

Truth scratches against my walls

Spray painted words on these chambers

I don’t want You

I need You

My name from such pure lips

So addictive, so moving

Stop calling me

“Have you not seen me? Can you see me?”

Drowning in my effortless words

He replies “come home”

You’re all I ever hear

A noise of warmth

A noise of need

It’s all over now

Take a deep fresh breath

I turn to the sound

The sound of my name

From closed eyes

To open ones

Can it really be

Such a familiar face I see

It’s time to choose these steps

Will it be?

You or me?

When I look at these times

I see no difference in these roads

Between the one of Life

And the one of mine


Shattered lives

Scattered minds

False lies

Incomplete nothingness

Your Home is a scary view

From what I see, now

Maybe I’m all wrong

Experience changed everything

These two roads you speak of

As you call my filthy name

A name of no meaning

A name of regret

Reeling me in, in this hurricane

I still see dark

I still feel pain

Why do you want me?

Why are you calling?

I’ve done nothing but “caused”

Never one to “prevent”

Flesh and bones

This is all of who I am

A fearful coward

One who cannot commit

Commit to ‘good’ that is

A definition of wrong

Swirls through my eyes

An evil heart

I believe every lie

I believe every move

I’m not sure what I’m running too

I’m not sure what I see

I’m not sure I can feel

All these memories seep in

Flushed flashbacks

Rage through my veins

So bittersweet

My comfort zone

My comfort home

I can’t “come home”

Not Your home

Not right yet

It’s not right for me

I’m not right for me

But then again

Is anything?

Not bad for 16 (smile). Okay, you grown folks…what you got?



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4 responses to “a guest post ( Sara B.) – slam poetry ii

  1. Sara

    You have my heart smiling wide, love you.

  2. Kim Perry

    Wow. When I read that I think, “I got nuthin!”
    I’ll try, though…

  3. Amber

    What an amazing gift you have!

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