guest post – Katie Fowler – slam poetry iv

Katie is one of my favorite students. She is curious and insightful. She writes for me from time to time and will be doing so all the time when we start our Reflections bible class in just a few weeks. Katie is also a great actress and vocalist. She makes going to school everyday fun for me!

Faithful Love

The greatest joy there is

is the kind that’s mixed with sadness.

And the greatest peace there is

is oft devoid of gladness.

You see the greatest prayer i ever prayed

was in a time of weeping

And the greatest rest I’ll ever have

is where there is no sleeping.

It takes the blackest most

foreboding night

To reveal the stars in all their glory

and to appreciate their light.

It is a simple truth which can only be learned

in times of grief and tears

that it is then we see our blessings

and appreciate the passing years.

I pity the man who goes through life

never knowing pain.

Who coasts thru life with sunny skies

and never knows the rain.

As rain produces flowers

and often the rainbow

It is only in times of hardship

that our true colors show.

So when the storm clouds gather

and it seems to much to bear

I turn my eyes to glory

for even when the sparrow falls Jehovah sees and cares.



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3 responses to “guest post – Katie Fowler – slam poetry iv

  1. I love it. I had no idea Fowler wrote..

  2. PJ

    Katie, perfect! Great job

    Kimberly, great idea!

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