a good word

Been thinking about the idea of a good word. Usually, the phrase comes up in conversation like, “Mrs. Sullivan, what is a good word for…” or “Brother, that was a good word ( sermon).” But the idea of good word means something beyond those for me…

The other day my girls came into my classroom to chat. Beachfreak came up as we are about to start dreaming in some moments for the coming year. “Mrs. Kim,” they began,”Can we do that “write a word on the wrist thing?”” I knew what they meant. Not last year, but the year before, Jeremy wrote a word, a very prayed over, God sought word on each of our 100 or so kids in attendance. I’m pretty good with pictures, but 1 word. It’s definitely a time hear the HS.

The girls asked me 1. if we could do it again. 2. if they could do it – write the words on the 100 or so wrists. They would get still and silent and listen for those words…and write them right there, plainly for the younger kids to stare at for as long as they did not scrub.

I looked at my, I use that term foolishly – I know, I just like identifying with who they are, girls. Summer before tenth grade, I couldn’t have paid them in $$$ or A’s,  they love some A’s, to pray out loud. In less than 3 years they are asking me for permission to minister not just a good word to their peers, but a specific word for each of them.

I just stop and stare at them sometimes…my mind is boggled by who they have become…are blooming into. It’s arresting. It’s dumbfounding. It’s so God.

The word I received on my wrist 3 years ago was written with spiritual sharpie. It stained me, guided me and at times upheld me. I so know the power of a good word…the wonderful, terribleness of such. I know the trepidation of taking up pen to inscribe and I know the grace and glory of God which incarnates it.

Lord, help my lips and hands release a good word in the earth…

I can’t wait to get my word from my girls.



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5 responses to “a good word

  1. PJ

    It’s almost time to start over, you ready for this…

  2. Sara

    My word was “proud”… I miss that, and I miss being one of those girls!

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