guest post – Amber King – slam poetry v

Not much in this life makes me happier than writing with my cohorts. I love my friend Amber, she is so bright. She always

challenges me…to think. She is a great writer…who has much to say.

number one

The Alpha and Omega
The Beginning and the End
But what happens in the middle
That ‘s where I am.
I know He created me;
I know in the end His face I see.
But what do I do
In the daily grind
That has become my life.
Where do I turn when the strife,
The pain,
The struggles,
Wear me down to a sobbing mess?
Is He there too?
Is the Beginning also the middle,
The center of the chaos?
Does He care when my schedule
Refuses to stay “scheduled”?
When my pain overwhelms?
When the night is so dark
I can’t see that day will come?
Does the End care how I get there?
As the pain grows,
The heartache shows;
Does the One who created me know?
“I trust You” seems easy to say
For everyone else in the world.
Why not for me?
So hard for me.
But then the Voice calls;
Such a small one I hear.
“I AM you see.”


number two

Darkness consumes
Consumes my life.
In the middle of the night
The night seems so long
So long that day may never come.
Despair creeps in
Hope seems far away
How do I last until the sun?
Swirling deep
Deep inside
Inside where no one sees
No one sees emotions so great
So great I’ve never
I’ve never
Seen, felt, allowed
They are coming
Coming out
Out to the surface
The raw, unprotected surface
Will He protect me this time?
This time is He there?
I know He is.


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