guest post – Kathryn Talbott – slam poetry i

I’ve been challenging a few of my writer friends…to a little slam poetry battle.

So, all you writer friends…Consider yourselves sweetly challenged.

One of them took me up. One of my faithfully reading, occasionally commenting  Kathryns.

A little challenge out to the rest of you.


Push through

Push through it all and move


Move aside

Move aside that which masks as the ultimate purpose of life

And yet more often than not is the life we lead

Slide over the paperwork

Hide the files

Turn off the devices that tie us to this world

Defy it all by finding a voice and


Stand up

Stand up for something that is right

Despite the risk of cause

Negating the price of being yourself

Chance that those you love

Will look at you strange

Lower their gaze

Or worse


Turn their backs

Turn their backs against that cause

That now defines you

Because you chose

Because you chose to stand

And now it is all you have to stand for

And without standing for what you have found to be right

You have no reason at all to stand

And so that choice

Was never a choice of your own

It somehow chose you

When there you were trying to be brave

And choose it.

What you got gang?

Come on.


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