guest post – Molly Dodd – slam poetry vi

I bet you didn’t know I had so many writer friends. Well, I do. They keep me sane and inspired. I met Molly in blogland about the time I started writing there. Molly is super smart. She reads philosophy like I read cereal boxes. And, Molly is an Orthodox Christian. I have learned so many wonderful things from her and her experience in that particular flavor of faith. But, you know what I like best about Molly… her tender heart and sense of wonder and glory. Molly gets glory. And, I get to bring you a little Molly. Yeah! Click over check out her expositions on some “deep thoughts” as well.

Negative space around that palo verde is gracefully serene

Someone should paint the shapes it makes
Someone should paint the light
Falling golden on our schoolyard eucalyptus
Should draw the spiky sunburns of this agave
Should sketch pigeons distributed unevenly on lightposts
Triangular toward a vanishing point
Should draw the lines of a ruffled shoe

But art is supposed to be fun
Supposed to be about expressing myself
So junk!

Can you express more than yourself only?
Yourself looking at the Eucalyptus, Palo Verde, Agave?
Looking at the light posts, shoe, pigeons?
Express what you see when you see these things?


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