guest post – margaret pickett ( my mentor) – slam poetry viii

I’ve been waiting on this. There is no way I would close out this poetry festival without Margaret, no way.
You know that push and pull that we artists secretly beg for? How we hope someone will have the guts and attention span to make us do – what it is we are to do in this life?  How we long for someone to come and discount all our excuses to nothing, for someone to come our way who will just plain believe for us, until we can?  That’s who Margaret was and is in my life.
I don’t have any idea where I would be had she not taken a chance, believed, dared me to believe as well.
But, it wouldn’t be this graced place that I find myself.
Margaret is the best teacher and teacher of teachers I have ever come near. There aren’t many people anything like her out there. Her teachers yearn to be like her and her students dare give her only their best. And long, long after they leave the circuit of her classes, they love her.
Margaret: Love and miss you and all the KCS kids!

Getting and grabbing

Paying and charging

Rushing and neglecting

The real joys of life

Texting and tweeting

Wifi-ing and surfing

Living in the virtual

Leaving out the real

Preening and feigning

Artificial importance

Faking and taking

For granted what we have

Living in the moment

Never looking up to see

The hand of Him who gave us

The ability to choose

So we choose as if we answer

Only to our own desires

Forgetting the Image

We were created to reflect


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