guest post – Karley Chamblee – slam poetry x

My Karley is one of my very favorite students and EDGE kids! That means that she is double wonderful. And, Karley is one of my son’s dear friends as well. She helps me keep him straight and on time to class and supplied with paper and pencils and the homework assignment. Karley writes with me sometimes…Next semester, she and I will be together for my Reflections class everyday. That makes my heart glad and it takes a little pressure off, her being in there will be a daily help to me as well. Trento gets his un-togetherness from his absent-minded professor Mama. Without further ado….


You feel the need to run away whenever He comes near.
As if your life has been simply overcome by fear.
Fear of the future, what your life holds in store,
it seems you’re not quite willing to open up the door.
All the turbulent trials and burdens you have had to endure,
Has misled you distort life as a disease with no cure.
Why do bad things happen to the good ones in life?
Questions like that can be as piercing as a knife.
They sink into your soul, and lead you to doubt,
the idea that God is a scam; you need to bail out.
Nothing has been consistent, or so you have thought it,
but maybe there is…you just have not sought it.
All of these doubts have merely blurred your vision,
Of a relentless God who longs for a collision.
A collision with your soul, to tell you He’s always there,
that He loves you with this love, with which none can compare.
The first step in believing this is developing trust
And realizing these things do happen; we have to adjust.
Life can change drastically, even for the worse,
but we must trust that God can put it in reverse.
Never give up on Him, even when you feel you should,
because sometimes we all get God so misunderstood.
He is the Rock on which we stand,
His love is not like the house that is made out of sand.
You may be scared because of what you have gone through,
But if you take that chance with God, your trust in Him will only accrue.
Just keep in mind that trials will always make you stronger,
but realize…that you must be patient longer.
And when you finally grasp that He is constant, that He remains the same,
You will give your burdens to Him, and forever praise His name.



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3 responses to “guest post – Karley Chamblee – slam poetry x

  1. Sara

    Karley, you just put all my emotions into words!

  2. Jeremy

    “sometimes we all get God so misunderstood”- I love it!

  3. Gah, I’m amazed. Karley is awesome.

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